Why we should all be rebels

Artwork by Fallen Saint.

In December 1955, a woman refuses to give up her seat on the bus because she is tired of giving in to a world that doesn't treat people equally.

61 years earlier, a young man from western India sparks a non-violent resistance that eventually frees India from British rule, and in doing so becomes a national icon.

In the 90s, an anonymous street artist witnesses riot policemen attack partygoers in Bristol. He draws a large mural depicting the event, kickstarting a movement where his artwork would become a vehicle for protest, subversion, and political activism.

These are three stories, from three different people, in three completely different periods in history. But what unites each of them is a tenacity to make a difference and a rebellious spirit to fight for what they believe in.

The stories of Rosa Parks, Gandhi, and Banksy are all ones we're familiar with because they belong to some of the most revered icons in history– rebels at heart and free-thinkers determined to make a difference.

These are stories that have changed the course of history, acting as powerful reminders that innovation is born out of a rebellious spirit to leave a mark on the world.

Innovation and the rebel spirit

When we think of rebels, we might think of rock and roll bands, misguided teenagers, and James Dean movies. But the true spirit of rebellion is to fight for a cause.

To rebel is to make things better than they are. It's to overturn what isn't working, to fight for change, to disrupt, to rebuild, and to shape a brighter future. It's to challenge the status quo, to never settle, and to always strive for better. To fight for positive change.

Why we should all be rebels

Rebelliousness can be a force for change. Each day our actions have an impact on the world around us. What we do makes a difference and it's up to us to choose what kind of impact we want to make.

It's up to us all to change this world for the better, and that includes businesses.

Having a rebellious spirit in business can stand us in good stead. It can help us innovate by challenging things that aren't working, searching for better alternatives, and carving out a better future. Being rebellious in business is about thinking differently and paving the way ahead, and being unafraid to conform.

In a world where we're taught to think and behave in a certain way, it's a rebellious act to think for ourselves, to carve out our own paths, and to stand up for what we believe in. It's rebellious to want to make a difference.

It's commonly said that insanity is making the same mistake over and over again. But it takes guts to admit when things aren't working and to fly in the face of convention. Just because things have always been a certain way, it doesn't mean those are always the best ways or the way things should be.

Gandhi said himself that 'rebels and non-conformists are often the pioneers and designers of change.'

Our story

We are rebels with a purpose, in revolt against archaic systems, clunky processes, and outdated ways of doing business– and we're determined to change the accounting industry for the better.

We champion small businesses because we want to see them thrive. Our heroes are the people we support and our sidekicks are the tools we use to help them on their journey.

In a world where 60 percent of small businesses fail within their first three years, we are striving to change those odds and rewrite the narrative.

Ripping up the rulebook

So here's to the radicals, the renegades, the free-spirited ones, and those unafraid to go against the current.

The stories of Rosa Parks, Gandhi, and Banksy are reminders that rebelliousness can be a force for change and that we can all benefit from ripping up the rulebook every once in a while.


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