Grow your business with divergent thinking

Want to grow your business? Start by changing the way you think!

With the right mindset and the right approach to divergent thinking, you can solve problems, foster new ideas, and use them to build an even better business.

Here’s how divergent thinking can help you build a business that stands the test of time.

Fostering creativity & innovation

As a business, innovation is the lifeblood of success. An innovative approach helps you stand out from competitors, attract customers, and deliver a potentially world-changing product or service.

Divergent thinking sparks creativity– it helps you come up with multiple ideas in a rapid, non-linear format. By generating many possible solutions to a problem, divergent thinking allows you to explore many potential avenues of possibility before settling on a final result.

Divergent thinking is an easy way to foster creativity and innovation, helping you see things in a different light. It can help you challenge the way things are done and come up with your own original ideas to customer problems.

Here’s 3 divergent thinking techniques to spark innovation.

Encouraging flexibility

The best businesses are the ones that can adapt to change.

They’re constantly looking for new ways of doing things. They lead with purpose and curiosity, with a focus on innovation and life-long learning.

Embedding divergent thinking into your business can help you thrive and adapt, whatever comes your way.

Challenging the status quo and being open to new ideas will make your business flexible, adaptable, and more responsive to change.

Boosting company culture

It’s no secret that engaged employees are happy employees.

Businesses that value creative thinking tend to be more rewarding places to work. Staff feel valued and appreciated, their ideas are encouraged. Employees feel motivated and fulfilled, which makes them more loyal.

Making time for regular, structured creative sessions like brainstorming and subject mapping will keep your team motivated, engaged and inspired, and contribute to a thriving organisational culture where people are passionate to drive your business forward.

Improving customer experiences

Everything you do should focus on making a difference in the lives of your customers. Sometimes all it takes is a shift in mindset.

Divergent thinking can help you view the world from your customers’ perspective and identify solutions to their problems, needs, and frustrations.

To come up with innovative solutions, we need to adopt a creative mindset. Use divergent thinking to generate as many solutions as possible to improve the customer experience, no matter how unrealistic they might seem, and be open to exploring new possibilities. How can you do things differently? Can you streamline an element of your product or service to make things easier for the customer? How could you use technology to streamline customer touchpoints? You could also experiment with different business models and financial assumptions to help you find the best solution.

Embracing divergent thinking will make you more in tune to your customers’ problems and more empathetic to their pain points, which is key for designing great experiences.

Innovating your business model

The best businesses are the ones that can adapt to change by pivoting their model. These are the businesses that are leading the way, always looking for innovative ways to streamline operations, cut unnecessary costs, and maximise value for customers. They also have the best protection from competitors because their models are the hardest to imitate.

So, it’s a good idea to regularly assess your business model, identify problem areas, and use divergent thinking techniques to improve them.

Strengthening your business model requires a deep understanding of how your business operates and how it creates value for its clients and shareholders. It’s all about thinking differently and being open to new ways of doing things.

Use divergent thinking to focus on innovation and make it your goal to maximise benefits for both customers and shareholders. As with any kind of innovation, it’s all about identifying problems and generating solutions, not just innovating for innovation’s sake.

Want to find out more about building a better business?

Strong businesses are built on creativity and innovation. At Complete HQ, we help our clients challenge boundaries and we love working with people who are open to new ideas. It’s our mission to help you build a better business that allows you to focus more on what you love.

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