Bookkeeping is the key to growth: here’s why

Good bookkeeping is good for business.

Bookkeeping is the bedrock of financial success, arming you with key information to plan, grow and build a better business.

Here’s why a good approach to bookkeeping can help you achieve business growth.

Forms the basis of all financial reporting

We like to think of bookkeeping as the foundation of all your financial decision-making. Bookkeeping data that flows into your accounting software forms the basis of all financial and management reports, such as Profit & Loss Reports, Expense Reports, Income Statements, Balance Sheets and building up to Management Accounts.

These reports provide you with a clear and accurate view of your business’s health and how your business is currently performing.

Gives business clarity

Tidy books give you the ability to see exactly where your business stands. The numbers that sit behind your business tell a story about where your business currently stands, how it’s performing, and which areas you can focus on to achieve growth.

With solid bookkeeping and accurate reporting, you can get a 360-degree view of your business finances, so when it comes to analysing your success, you can leave no stone unturned.

Empowers you to make better business decisions

Good fundamental bookkeeping and strong management accounts provide business owners with a powerful set of information and arm them to make better, well-informed decisions.

Making decisions without good reasoning and insight to back them is like taking a stab in the dark. Without solid bookkeeping data, you can’t get an accurate view of your business and your ability to make good decisions is impaired.

These insights give you as the business owner the opportunity to implement change, push forward with strategies, budget for future growth/expansion, control cash flow and consider future funding requirement. That’s a huge list of activities that can help you grow your business.

Helps you plan for the future

Bookkeeping forms the basis of all your financial planning and decision-making, providing you with the insights you need to plan for growth.

With a clear and accurate picture of what’s going on, you can make strategic decisions underpinned by accurate financial data– no more guesses, risks, or stabs in the dark.

Tidy books help you visualise how your business is performing and make the right decisions that benefit your business in the long run.

The right bookkeeping tools help you invest more time in growing your business

Online software has revolutionised the way businesses manage their bookkeeping.

With online tools like Dext and Xero, you can save hours of admin each month on bookkeeping and expenses management. The opportunities for automating day-to-day tasks can significantly speed up your workflow and free up time. That’s valuable time that you can spend on revenue-generating activities that will grow your business.

When set up and managed correctly, bookkeeping and accounting software are game-changers for small businesses, helping you stay in control of your finances.

Want to find out how your business bookkeeping can work for you?

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